Helping students realise their academic potential

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Unparalleled teaching

Stimulating lessons wholly adapting to students learning personality and targeting challenging materials, leading to incredible results.

Using a wide range of lesson delivery methods that address needs of students – from learning core materials from scratch to refining exam techniques, I strive to make concepts very accessible to students.

Being extremely familiar with different learning preferences and capabilities, I am keen to help pupils to explore their academic capabilities while making the learning process enjoyable, active and stimulating.

The new changes to GCSE, A Level and IB curriculum have caused frustration due to its problem-solving nature. Schools are often not up to the challenge, causing students underperform. 

Being familiar with the intricate differences between old and new specifications, I can underline to my students specific test-taking strategies and highlight new specification objectives. I challenge my students to problem based discussions which help students consolidate new concepts efficiently.

As a high achieving student, I recognise the aspirations of my students. My lessons do not only provide thorough understanding of concepts and flexible application to questions, but also specific exam tips required to achieve the top grades in national exams. 

Using various teaching materials and strategies, I have worked with many students who see their grades improve from a C to an A in just 8 lessons. Extension questions in their homework aim to prepare candidates beyond the requirements of the syllabus, securing the grades they desire.

Your exam expert

Demonstrated expertise in teaching, especially for A-level Mathematics. My students achieve amazing results.

After attending 4 masterclasses hosted by Senior and Lead Examiners from OCR MEI, AQA and Pearson Edexcel, I acquired insider’s knowledge to exam questions and marking. I can share the valuable insights and tips which would help my students prepare for and score well in exams.

In preparation for my own exams, I’ve committed to memory all A-level Mathematics papers from Edexcel since 2002 – so that you don’t. As a result, I scored 99% for A-level Maths. I have also scrutinised recent papers for other subjects and exam boards, spotting patterns and question styles.

Despite the changes in syllabus, the ‘flavour’ of exam questions and marking styles remain similar. I know exactly what students need and not need to know for their exams.

Qualifications you can trust

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at Imperial College, MEng First Class Honours. Achieved 11A*s at GCSE, A*A*A*A*A at A-level and 6 olympiad gold awards.

Online learning reimagined

Engaging visuals, practice questions and real-time interactive exercises using an electronic whiteboard make lessons something all students look forward to.

My online lessons are true replacements of in-person teaching and are of the highest standards you would expect.

Using live screen sharing, students see my electronic whiteboard, example questions and my worked solutions in real time, just like any in-person lessons. Students can fully engage, ask questions in real-time while I teach new concepts and explain example questions. 

Effective expert teaching

Easy to set up

Encrypted secure connection

The way to learn

Step 1: Understand

I begin lessons with insightful explanations of key concepts, ensuring students gain an in-depth understanding. Learn new things every lesson even if students are already familiar with school work.

Step 2: Apply

After some worked examples, I invite my students to solve questions with my guidance. Learning first-hand is the most effective way to understand how theories are applied. Difficult topics are made easy, thus students gain confidence and expertise.

Step 3: Evaluate

Before lesson concludes, we would evaluate the outcomes, highlight connections between theory and application, identify common questions and exam tips. Problem sheets containing practice exam questions would be set as homework for consolidation.

From KS3 to College

Learn fun new topics or revise old ones, all guided by friendly expert teaching.

Certified and DBS checked.

worked for 100+ students, seeing students improve by 3 grades after 10 lessons.

Sample worksheets

These are some examples of problem sheets containing practice questions.

academic references

Jade was my tutor for GCSE Maths, Physics, Geography and Economics. Despite covering a wide range, his lessons were spotless and thorough. He helped me consolidate concepts and solve problems, taught test-taking strategies and advised on future studies. I’ll definitely continue to have him as my tutor for A-levels.


Year 11 student

I had an amazing experience with Jade, who tutored me A-level Mathematics, ahead of the exams. His lessons were interesting and stimulating, but more importantly, helped me stretch further than the specification requirements. He provided specific exam hints helping me to achieve the A* in the exams required by my university. 


Year 13 studenT

He has an excellent academic background with a string of A*s at GCSE and 4 A*s and an A at A-levels, scoring a remarkable 99% in A-level Maths. His written work is wonderful and his spoken contributions are exemplary. Jade has worked diligently and enthusiastically during the entire 6th form and has been a pleasure to teach. 

F. Parry

Academic Tutor

With well refined problem-solving skills, Jade displays high levels of creativity, flexibility and stamina when tackling extension problems that are much harder than those presented in the standard material. He is a conscientious mathematician who easily grasps, and can readily apply, new ideas in complex contexts.

P. Outram

vice principal

100% satisfaction​

All lessons at the highest standard.